About Us

We offer basic and advanced training on the following analytical instruments:

  • High performance liquid chromatography
  •  Gas chromatography
  •   Mass spectroscopy
  •   UV-Vis spectroscopy
  •   Atomic absorption spectroscopy
  •   Soxhlet extraction
  •  Kjeldhal digestion and distillation
  •   Fibertec
  •   Rota evaporator and many more …. 

We provide food analysis and toxicology services of food products:

  •   Proximate analysis:
    • Moisture, Fat, Ash, protein, fiber, carbohydrate, energy etc
  • Mineral analysis (flame, graphite, hydride method, vapor)
    • Flame: Fe, Zn, Mg, Ca, Cd, Co, As, Pb, K, Na, Mn, Cu, etc
    • Graphite: Cd, Pb, As, Cr, Co,
    • Hydride: Se, Sb, As
    •   Mercury vapor: Hg
    •   Uv-vis: P
  •   HPLC based analysis (uv-vis, PDA, Fluorescence detector)
    • Phenolic cpds  Cholesterol  Aflatoxins etc
  •   GC based analysis (FID, ECD, TCD, NPD detectors)
    •   Fatty acids , Alcohols etc
  •   LC-MS based analysis (SIM, Scan mode)
    • Pesticides, Aflatoxin etc
  •  UV-vis based analysis
    •   Phytates,Tannins, Total phenolics  and Total flavonoids 


Based in Addis Ababa University, faculty of natural science at Arat kilo. Our center is well placed geographically to forge strong links with community and industry, upholding our reputation as a center of crevice.

Our Location

The centre for food science and nutrition of the college of natural sciences in Addis Ababa University is the 1st of its kind in the country with research and laboratory establishments and database facilities of various food and beverage sectors. The vision is to upgrade the scientific and technological base of food production, processing, preservation and to assess and solve nutrition related problems. The centre offers a postgraduate training leading to M.Sc and PhD since 2007. Recently, the center also started a continuing education program at M.Sc level.

We are widely recognized for the practical and applied nature of our courses which equip graduates with essential skills through exposure to industry and our research, which focuses on solving real problems. This combination enables our graduates to be effective in the work place immediately upon graduation. It is a vibrant center with an exciting future and we invite you to join us as we move forward.

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