The Center for Food Science and Nutrition was established in 2007 to generate efficient and skilled manpower that would allow increases in food production, reduce post-harvest loss through food processing, and thereby feed and nourish its people to become healthy and productive citizens that contribute to the economic growth of the country. 

Since 2007, the Center for Food Science and Nutrition has been serving its purpose by providing Masters and PhD level training in Food Science and Nutrition. Graduates from the Center are now serving at key positions in various institutions including academia, research centers, agro-processing industries, and NGOs.  Since 2010, the policy landscape of Ethiopia has entered a new phase through the launch of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). The plan recognizes the need to substantially increase agricultural production, and underlines the need for the development and promotion of small, medium and large scale industries. Among the sectors given emphasis by the GTP is food processing and this requires trained and skilled manpower in Food Science and Nutrition.

 The development of the National Nutrition Program (NNP) in 2008 and the large scale implementation of the Health Extension Program (HEP) since 2004 provided a sound platform to address the problem of child malnutrition in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, stunting (low height for age; indicator of chronic malnutrition) reduction has been very slow. In June 2013, the Federal Government of Ethiopia launched the revised National Nutrition Program (NNP) as part of its continued commitment to reducing the burden of chronic malnutrition. The two major components of the NNP include the strengthening of nutrition service delivery and the strengthening of Institutions for nutrition policy and programme implementation. The Center for Food Science and Nutrition Program has been contributing to the strategic goals of the NNP. Furthermore, to keep up with the expected increase in the demand for skilled manpower and nutrition leaders related to the implementation of the revised NNP, the Center is ready to substantially increase its contribution by opening two more nutrition training programs, namely: community nutrition and dietetics/clinical nutrition.